We fertilize trees and shrubs with N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), but with different percentages based on nutrient need. We also use bio stimulants to aid in nutrient absorption and to provide the proper environment for beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Nitrogen is the most essential macronutrient and is more important in the spring for new growth. In the fall, we will drop the nitrogen percent and favor phosphorous for fine root growth. Organic forms of N-P-K are blood meal, bone meal, and green sand if clients prefer organic fertilizer. For established trees and shrubs, or mature trees, we will use less nitrogen.

In general, 2lbs of nitrogen per 1000 square feet annually is needed. Trees in the forest get this through decomposed leaf litter and other woody debris. Trees and shrubs in lawn areas need supplemental fertilization due to location. Our fertilizer is delivered directly to the root system as a liquid soil injection via a feeding probe. In addition to fertilization, plants should be planted in undisturbed natural or amended soil, not in fill or sand. New plants should be installed at soil grade, receive 2 inches of water per week and mulched or wood chipped properly.